Barbershop Ajax is limited to normal hair cuts but Sophisticated Barbershop is limited to only sophisticated hair cuts. Sophisticated hair cuts that is made for each specific customer that enters our shop. And who appreciate premium quality, time and flawless look.

Our services spectrum encompasses many techniques and procedures. From Straight Razor Shaving and Hairstyling, to Fades and various Hair Tattoo Designs. At our place, you have a chance to have your precious hair taken care of, chill and listening to nice music.

We run a Life Style Barbershop in Ajax in its best traditions. Our Sophisticated Barbers will help you look stylish and confident. And most importantly, Sophisticated. 

Prices for Cuts, Shaves and Lineups varies but there is always the right price for you.

Sophisticated Lineup

For sophisticated result, at our barbershop we combine modern techniques with traditional ones

Line Up & Shave….$25
Line Up Only….$15
Kids Line Up (Under 12)….$10

Sophisticated haircuts

Any cut you desire, Fade, Styling, Tattoo, we will make it sophisticated to fit you

Men’s Cut…$33…(Plus Shave)….$40
Women’s Cut….$30
Kids Cut (Under 13)….$23
Kids Taper….$25
High School Student Cut….$27
College Student Cut & Shave…$35
Senior Cut….$30….(Plus Shave)….$35


Sophisticated Beard Grooming

Keep looking your best with regular beard grooming.

Adult Taper & Shave….$25
High School Students With Beard….$30

Something New and Sophisticated

Looking to try something new ? Just tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen The Sophisticated Barbers Way.

Our team has become Sophisticated Barbers over the years. Training and pushing the boundaries and limits of Haircuts, Shaving and Hair Tattoo Designs.  

Barber Richie
Being Sophisticated Is A Life Style
Barber Ricky
Pushing The Limit Is Always Good
Barber Kori
I Believe That Cutting Hair Is An Art

Sophisticated Barbers, in a Sophisticated Barbershop in Ajax, giving Sophisticated Hair Cuts, Shave and Hair Tattoo Designs. See for yourself… 

Slowly developing Downtown Ajax. We are in the center of Downtown, making Sophisticated Barbers location a Sophisticated Location.

Sophisticated Barbershop Ajax | Sophisticated Barbers 

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